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Carbohydrate Replacement After Exercise

Post workout recovery nutrition has evolved over the years in an effort to better help the athlete bounce back as quick and fully as possible after a hard-core workout. The better your post workout nutrition, the better you build your muscles up.

Registered dietitian Jean Storlie notes in the Training & Conditioning journal that "bodies have a lot of work to do to repair tissues that took a beating during exercise and replenish energy stores that are depleted. In addition, during periods of intense training and competition, when there is little time to recover between workouts, post-exercise nutrition becomes an even more important factor in enhancing performance and preventing injury."

The understanding of what is best for post workout nutrition has evolved, and protein is the top gun nutrient today, as it should be. However, that doesn't mean you should overlook the importance of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates also play a big role in replenishing the body after a workout. In fact you wouldn't want pure protein as the best path to recovery comes from a mix of protein with carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the main fuel source for a muscle building workout and the body needs ample carb intake both prior to a workout and after a workout. After a workout you need to get those carb stores replenished, and to do so quickly. Carbs are fast acting nutrients and having them available for rebuilding the body is vital at this post workout point.

The best way to replenish your carb stores is with a liquid carb drink because liquids are digested much quicker than solids and therefore go to work much faster and are more effective in replenishing your physique.

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Replenishing Carbs Post Workout

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