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Is Protein Powder Really Needed

Whey, Casein, Soy, Egg, Pea & Hemp. We've all heard of it, and there are several different kinds. Yes, I'm obviously talking about protein powders. You've probably seen all these adverts in the magazines about a certain "fast-absorbing" protein powder that will make you gain muscle 3x faster than the next leading brand, but once we strip down all the marketing hype and garbage, you will really be able to see protein powder for it's true value.

A lot of people I know solely rely on protein powders, claiming it's the "sole-reason" that they're gaining muscle, I can tell you right here; that may be, but is it necessary? No. Is it expensive? Very.

The supplement industry is a huge industry(as you most likely know) A lot of these bodybuilding studies you hear about are done "in-house", which usually means they're conducted by the company selling you the product. Would you trust the "results" you hear about knowing that? No? I wouldn't either.

Now, let's talk about the fast/slow release protein debate. Do you really need 2 types of protein powder, one for during the day and one for before bed? The answer is no, you don't. Again, any contrary evidence you hear might as well have been conducted by a mule. Do you need "fast" releasing protein straight after a workout? Again, no. The only people who should even be worried about post-workout nutrition are elite athletes, and last time I checked, I wasn't playing in the NFL or NBA, and I don't think you were either.

One more topic I hear a lot about is the X amount of protein for Y bodyweight. Now I really don't know where people hear this stuff, but perhaps these studies you read MIGHT just be in-house studies, conducted by the companies that specialize in protein powders. I'm not saying you shouldn't trust any studies, there are reputable studies done on protein by very reputable scientific journals(most of which recommend way less protein than the in-house studies do.)

I'm not saying protein powders are completely unnecessary however. Infact I recommend them, but I DON'T recommend that you rely on them as your primary protein source(Although it is extremely convenient, one of the most bio-available sources of protein and relatively cheap, food is just so much better). If you're goal is health, which it really should be, then you should be choosing food over powder. Who doesn't like a nice, fat steak? I'm pretty sure your stomach likes it more than all those nasty chemicals.

So what have we learned today?

Casein is a huge scam, just take more whey before bed if you must.

Protein Powder isn't necessary, but it has its merits, use it to cover gaps in your diet rather than rely on it as your main source of protein.

The "post-workout window" for protein is BS. Only elite athletes need to worry about it.

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Is Protein Powder Really Needed for Bodybuilding

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