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What did the Old School bodybuilders eat in their diet? The Old School bodybuilders depended much more on their diets than they did on supplements. Diet was the first line of defense and supplements were a back up.

Milk was a big part of the diet, particularly for those trying to put on mass. Milk was the food of choice due to its ability to help the body grow quickly. Milk products like cottage cheese and yoghurt, and cheeses also were eaten regularly.

Eggs were a mainstay on the menu as well. However, they weren't like today's style of just eating the egg whites. The Old School approach was to eat the whole egg. And it is smart as well. The egg yolk contains healthy fat and a host of other good elements that help promote growth.

Tuna was often on the menu as it is primarily made up of protein. Other fish also made the cut.

Old School bodybuilders would eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to go along with the high amount of protein foods they ate.

The Old School guys were no stranger to shakes. For instance, Steve Reeves made this power shake:

4 ounces of freshly squeezed orange juice
1 tablespoon of Knox gelatin
1 tablespoon of honey
1 banana
2-4 raw eggs (he recommends that pasteurized eggs might be safer today)
2 tablespoons of High-Protein Powder (which he made himself)

Old School bodybuilders were not shy about eating beef either, and many would go for a meal of steak and potatoes after a hard workout.

One thing to consider - one of the best Old School physiques of all time, that of John Grimek, was built on natural and organic foods, long before fancy eating or supplements ever hit the scene.

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