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The Secrets of Natural Bodybuilding

Natural bodybuilding is the art of developing lean muscles through dedicated practice excluding the use of performance enhancing drugs. A natural bodybuilder must abstain from using anabolic steroids, human growth hormone (HGH), insulin or diuretics. However, you can use over the counter supplements but you have to be a label watcher. Some legal supplements may contain detrimental substances.

Being a natural bodybuilder is definitely no easy task but it is possible for nearly everyone. The starting point of any bodybuilding venture is the bulking phase. For muscle growth to happen your calorie intake must exceed your basal metabolic rate and your energy expenditure. This is particularly important for bodybuilders with a fast metabolism.


Natural bodybuilders must approximate their daily calorie requirements and adjust accordingly. A simple formula to calculate your calorie needs is multiplying your weight in pounds by 20. Most natural bodybuilders bulk up when they are not in active competition. This phase is preceded by the diet or cutting phase.

The diet or cutting phase involves bodybuilders reducing their body fat percentages in order for their muscles to be more pronounced for competition purposes. Care must be taken during this phase as eating more of everything can lead to unmanageable accumulation of fats. During the bulking phase the body of a natural bodybuilder responds well to the extra food intake giving you the best out of the changed diet.

This diet should consist of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in different quantities. Ideally, your daily protein intake should be about 2 grams per each pound of your body weight. The recommended proteins for natural bodybuilders are those from low fat sources such as egg whites, fish, chicken and lean meat.

Since you will be training hard, carbohydrates should be taken in the same amounts as proteins. Carbohydrates are very important for two reasons. First, they provide natural bodybuilders with the energy required for strenuous workouts. Secondly they increase the insulin levels in the blood. Insulin facilitates the incorporation of amino acids in the muscles to realize growth. This is one of the bodybuilding secrets to naturally induce insulin production.

Contrary to common belief, some fats are actually beneficial for bodybuilders. For instance omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids found in fish, flax seeds, olive oil and coconut oil are essential to the production of testosterone in the body. As a natural bodybuilder you want to keep your levels high for optimum muscle growth and definition.

Once you have gotten your natural bodybuilding diet right it is time to hit the gym. Training days should span from three to five days a week depending on a bodybuilder's level. The secret to fast muscle gains naturally is progressive heavy lifting targeted at the major body muscles. These include the chest, shoulders, back and quads.

They provide a steady foundation making the training of the minor muscles like the triceps, biceps, calves and forearm easier. In natural bodybuilding one basic guideline applies. During the bulking phase, you should lift heavier weights in a smaller number of reps, and during the diet or cutting phase where you are seeking muscle definition, go for more reps with relatively lighter weights.

However, this is not an all-inclusive rule. Variations to your workouts will determine the muscle prominence and definition you achieve. The most important bodybuilding secret is constantly shocking your body with diverse routines coupled with cardio training and charisma. This combats muscles plateaus and reveals award-winning muscles.

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Muscle building, weightlifting, fitness, healthy living isn't a one-off decision, it's a lifestyle choice but that doesn't make it easy. Sometime we need advice, guidance, motivation or coaching to go that extra mile to complete an extra rep. We're all striving to look that little bit bigger, or make our abs look tighter. Visit Crazy Gain and checkout my blog post on getting ripped and looking lean.

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