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How to Meet Fit Women

If you are a fitness fanatic that is looking for a fit women that you know is into the same passion for health and fitness as you then you need to know a few hard cold facts. It is not all good news as there have been many studies done on the subject and as David Grazian Ph.D says:

"Men are possessed by the myth of the pickup," he is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of On the Make: The Hustle of Urban Nightlife. He says that men think that these bars and clubs are "teeming with anonymous females who are dying to have sex with any guy who is confident enough to talk to them."

He continues by saying that the reality is that less than 6 percent of women report having had sex with their partners within 2 days or less of meeting them, and less than 20 percent of adults say they first met their most recent sexual partner in a bar.

But we are not talking about sex here we are talking about meeting a women who into the same passion as you are and that is something that needs to be set in a specific agenda in order to get results. But there are other very successful alternatives that one can choose from.

Whatever an active lifestyle means to you, is the world's largest online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a "fitness date", exercise friends or a workout partner, it is a fun, private and secure environment to meet fit, athletic singles!

If you are a fitness person that likes to men women who are into the same kind of thing you are into then you need to be specific about where and how you get to meet these women. It is obvious that finding a fit-women is not going to happen at your local pub or club.

A good idea is to join something like a Rock Climbing gym which not only has a lot of interaction between members but also the type of women that you will meet there are health conscious, fun loving and fit women. Obviously if you are already an experienced rock climber you could put a notice advertising for a climbing partner, the options are endless.

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