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All About Lactic Acid Training

First, I would like to start off this article explaining why some men just cannot lose weight. It is mainly because they don't like to do cardio!

Women on the other hand typically do not have a problem with this, they usually like to hit the treadmill.

So, us men need to find a new way to lose weight. Some will say that there is the high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) that saves time and helps us burn that extra fat, but that still requires you to run. An alternative to that is called lactic acid training, and let me tell you: it is not for the weak.

This training method is painful and should only be done by advanced trainees. On the bright side, though, it is just as effective as it is painful, so if you are willing to torture yourself then this is a great workout that is going to build hard muscle mass and burn fat really fast.

Lactic acid training is done by building as much lactic acid as possible during your workout. This activates a powerful growth hormone, which burns fat and builds muscle hours after the exercise is over. The only thing to be concerned about is how you are going to feel after the workout is over.

Lactic acid is the substance that gets caught up in muscle during exercise, causing you to get that sore feeling. If you have been sore you know how painful it can be, but you still have no idea how sore you can get until you try lactic acid training!

However, you should only use lactic training sparingly because it actually weakens your muscles. It is like blowing your muscles up with hot air: it doesn't actually make you stronger, it just burns fat fast and builds muscle.

So here is how you do it, during the concentric part of your exercise (the upward portion) move as slowly as possible and during the eccentric (downward portion) move as rapidly as possible. This is easily done with body weight exercises, but can also be incorporated into some machines.

For example, doing lactic acid training on the peck deck or the butterfly machine is going to be a great way to pump those pectorals to the max. However, I would not use this method with weights; during the eccentric portion, you are liable to lose control if you are working with weights.

If you are trying to burn fat from your legs and buttocks, then doing lactic squats is going to be a very effective way to do this. When we build lactic acid, we are lowering our body's pH, this secretes huge amounts of growth hormone, and like we've discussed, it is a powerful fat burner.

When doing this routine, you should also be training for strength, and this should not be done more than once every two weeks. Keep a healthy diet and take a rest day or three after the routine... you will need it, believe me!

To sum it up, lactic acid training is achieved when you do a circuit workout with very few rest periods in between sets. Lactic This type of training should only take about 30-45 minutes, if done right. It is very intense and I do recommend you get your other health issues in line first, but if you don't do that, at least ask your doctor if this is safe for you.

The way you set up your workout is to pick three or four exercise for a body part of your liking. Say you choose legs today so you pick the exercises squats, lunges, and step ups.

You do 6 reps of squats, 12 reps of lunges, and 25 reps of step-ups. When you do these exercises, make sure you set the weight so you're struggling on the 6th rep, the 12th rep, and the 25th rep. You do those back to back with 10 or so seconds in between each set. Then you rest for about 2-3 minutes and do the circuit again. The number of times that you'll be able to execute this circuit highly depends on how fit (and healthy) you are. Can you see how intense this is?

Trust me, lactic acid training will have your eyeballs popping out especially if you are used to doing heavy low rep lifting like I was.

Remember though, the growth hormone only increases in your sleep so if you're not sleeping enough, your body will not be able to produce it to the levels that will get you the fat loss effect.

If you are not conditioned enough for lactic acid training, increase the rest between exercises, so it would be less like a circuit because of no back to back work being done.

Lactic acid training is a tough type of training, and when I first did it I almost puked because I ate too much beforehand. Not a fun experience, and when I was done and trying to drive back home I was in so much pain it actually hurt. Not the good kind of sore but like REAL pain!

Of course, it was leg day and it was my first day back from a vacation so I probably should not have started so intense but I was really pumped to try lactic acid training for the first time. And you know what? the results I have gotten were actually pretty good!

I finish this article presenting you some example of some routines that will get you started on Lactic Acid Training:


Circuit 1 - Back Squat 6 reps rest 10s

Circuit 1 - Lunges 12 reps each leg rest 10s

Circuit 1 - Step Ups 25 reps rest 10s

Rest 2 minutes and go again (try to go 3-4 times depending on your level)

Circuit 2 - Romanian Deadlift 6 reps rest 10s

Circuit 2 - Leg Curl 12 reps rest 10s

Circuit 2 - Hyperextensions 25 reps rest 10s

Rest 2 minutes and go again (try to go 3-4 times depending on your level)

Back and Chest

Circuit 1 - Some form of a row 6 reps rest 10s

Circuit 1 - Chin ups or lat Pulldown 12 reps rest 10s

Circuit 1 - Some form of a row 25 reps rest 10s

Rest 2 minutes go again (try to go 3-4 times depending on your level)

Circuit 2 - Any Bench Press 6 reps rest 10s

Circuit 2 - Pullovers 12 reps rest 10s

Circuit 2 - Cable Press 25 reps rest 10s

Rest 2 minutes and go again (try to go 3-4 times depending on your level)

Arms and Shoulders

Circuit 1 - Bicep Preacher Curl 6 reps rest 10s

Circuit 1 - Hammer Curls 12 reps rest 10s

Circuit 1 - Barbell Curls 25 reps rest 10s

Rest 2 minutes and go again (try to go 3-4 times depending on your level)

Circuit 2 - Triceps Skull Crushers 6 reps rest 10s

Circuit 2 - Triceps Dips 12 reps rest 10s

Circuit 2 - Triceps Pushdown w/Rope 15 reps rest 10s

Rest 2 minutes and go again (try to go 3-4 times depending on your level)

Circuit 3 - Military Press 6 reps rest 10s

Circuit 3 - Upright Rows 12 reps rest 10s

Circuit 3 - Lateral Raises 25 reps rest 10s

Rest 2 minutes and go again (try to go 3-4 times depending on your level)

If you liked this article and you would like to learn more about bodybuilding nutrition and workout plans, head over to Beautiful Body Blueprint. There you'll find plenty of information on this and many other bodybuilding related subjects.

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