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Big Muscle

Big muscle - muscle that scares the women and children away is what we're talking about here.  Building lean, hard, big muscle is difficult to say the least.  Most that train for it rarely if ever achieve their true potential.  Building lean muscle mass takes time, effort, and consistency - something which most people cannot deal with.  If you can combine these factors together, you'll be well on you're way to building a large, massive physique that you can be proud of.  Below are the rules you need to follow if you goal is truly to build big muscle! 

To Build Big Muscle - EAT! 
You've got to eat if you want to grow.  It's that simple.  You should be consuming at least 6 meals a day and roughly 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.  This will give your muscles the nutrients they need to expand upon their existing stores.  Most young, active men will require between 4,000 and 6,000 calories a day to grow big muscle. 

To Build Big Muscle - LIFT HEAVY!
You got to lift heavy if you want to stimulate those muscles to grow.  Those 10-20 lb. dumbbells and isolation exercises just aren't going to cut it.  Big, heavy exercises such as the bench press, squat, deadlift are what is needed to pack on the pounds.  Lift heavy, go hard, and you're sure to gain some big muscle!

To Build Big Muscle - SUPPLEMENT
Every good nutrition program involves supplementation.  You should be consuming a good amino acid supplement such as Nitrobol and taking a good creatine supplement such as Pumped Extreme.  These products along with a host others will only help you pack on the pounds of big muscle that you're after.  They work by allowing your body to achieve a level of nutrition that you couldn't otherwise achieve with food alone. 

To Build Big Muscle - REST
You got to allow your muscles time to recuperate and grow after a long, heavy training session.  Make sure you're getting plenty of sleep and allowing ample periods between workouts for your body to adapt.  Without rest, you cannot achieve big muscle - it's a part of the game so you got to allow for it. 

There you have it..........that's all you need to know to gain quality muscle - Big Muscle.  Good luck and happy lifting!

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How to Build Big Muscles

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