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How to Build
a Bigger Chest

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Every man wants to build a big, massive chest. Great chest development gives you that confident 'head held high' appearance - the type women lust over. The chest muscle also comes into play in nearly every sport or physical activity an individual can encounter. Having a strong chest will improve your performance and your play with anything you do.

Building a massive, well-developed chest takes time. Rome wasn't built overnight and neither is a good chest. By combining the proper exercises in the proper order, you'll be able to achieve well developed pectorals in the fasted time possible.

The key to building a big chest is the press. You'll see guys in the gym doing countless sets of cable crossovers, pec deck, and dumbbell flyes with little to no results. These exercises do NOT build great pecs. The press - namely the bench press (flat, incline, and decline) is the only exercise that will develop your chest fully. The press is the only exercise that will allow you to move the amount of weight, and cause the most damage necessary to stimulate the chest to grow larger and stronger.

By constantly trying to press larger and heavier weights, you give the chest muscles no other choice than to expand on its existing store of muscle tissue. You're goal as a person trying to create a great chest should then to be the best 'bench presser' that you can be. Performing sets with a weight that induces muscle failure between 3-8 reps is make the muscle stronger which in turn will make the muscle bigger.

By learning to press, you'll be able to build the most massive chest you can develop within your genetic potential. Stop wasting your time with flyes and other isolation exercises - save those once you've developed all the muscle you want to have. Until then press heavy and hard, the results will phenomenal if you do.

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How to Build a Bigger Chest

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