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With the low testosterone levels that women have they do not gain muscle as easily as men so if you're a female bodybuilder that is just starting out then you need to be prepared to work a little bit harder than your male counterparts.

Testosterone is a hormone critical in muscle building. Women have estrogen and higher estrogen levels also mean that women have a tendency to store fat more easily, which can be a major hindrance to a female bodybuilder. If you are just beginning to get into female bodybuilding, you must show discipline in your cardiovascular and strength-training workouts, as well as your diet.

It is highly recommended that you set specific training goals before your work on creating a specific routine that works for you. Once you clearly define your goals, you can develop weekly training programs that progressively target these areas. Reassess your goals every three months to monitor your progress.

When you begin your bodybuilding routine, lift only light weights the first time you perform an exercise so you can get a feeling for the proper motion. After you become accustomed to lifting, turn up the weight. Each workout should have two to five exercises that target a specific muscle group, with your goal to lift until you are close to muscle failure.

This overloading of your muscles breaks down muscle fibers and causes new ones to grow. Perform two or three sets of each exercise, with eight to 12 repetitions in each set. Include two to four rest days every week so your muscles have time to recover from the intense workout.

We will not be going through the specifics on diet as that takes a complicated explanation that could not simply be done in just a few paragraphs. But it is a vitally important factor in order to lose fat and gain muscle just as important however is your cardiovascular training as a women bodybuilder.

Cardiovascular exercise such as running, biking or using an elliptical trainer is a critical component of a female's bodybuilding program. There is a common misconception in the fitness world that you can target specific areas on your body to lose fat.

In reality, you can only reduce the fat content in your body evenly. Aerobic exercise is the quickest way to burn calories, so include 30 to 45 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week in your routine. Apart from the calories you burn, this type of exercise can raise your metabolism and will melt the fat away to reveal your hard-earned muscles.

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