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Fasting - Natures Miracle?

I'm sure you'll have been told about how not eating for 3 hours slows down your metabolism and makes your body cling to fat by your trainer or someone, well let me tell you, it's not true. This so-called "starvation mode" that has plagued the fitness industry over the recent years is a complete myth, and so is eating every 3 hours to "poke to metabolic fire".

Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) does not change whether you eat 6 meals per day or 1 meal per day, it's all about total calories consumed (also protein intake during one meal does not matter, but we'll save that for another day). Fasting(or 24-hour controlled non-eating periods) have come in to the spotlight recently, and not only is it healthy, but its backed by hard science.

The main benefit of fasting is the stabilized insulin levels, have you even ate/drank something sugary? Then you get a big sugar crash and feel hungry again? This is because eating a huge amount of sugar causes your insulin and blood sugar to rush up, and then crash down like a rollercoaster, leaving you feeling tired, sluggish and hungry. Whilst you're body is in a fasted state, insulin levels are very stable allowing you to maintain focus, have energy and stay alert throughout the day.

Another benefit is the alkalizing of the body, when you eat, whilst digesting and dealing with the food, your body is in an acidic state. Whilst fasted, your body is in an alkaline state(which it actually prefers). The body is much more efficient at warding off and fighting illness whilst in this state(ever noticed whilst you voluntarily fast when ill?)You also get full a lot faster when it's time to have your meal, and boy it tastes like the best thing you've ever eaten. Also you save A LOT of money on food.

Studies have recently shown that ATD(alternate-day fasting) increases life span in rats, now you must understand that this cannot be directly carried over to humans due to us being completely different species. But keep an eye out for any studies they'll do on humans!

Now, you might be thinking "fastings all good, but I like food" and I respect that. But have you ever fasted and THEN eaten your favorite food? It literally is orgasm inducing. I know it's hard to get in to and for the first few days you might feel terrible, but if you're cutting, the weight will literally drop off!

For reading I recommend Checking out 2 books and a website, the first book is called the warrior diet. This focuses on a 20 hour fast, with a 4 hour feeding period. The second book is called eat-stop-eat, this focuses on a 24 hour fast, once every 2 days and the website is called around fasting whilst bulking).

You would be surprised at how well the body responds to being starved a little, even if you're skeptical I still recommend you try it, I know I was and I was amazed by the results. So what are you waiting for?

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