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Best Shoulder Workout for Bodybuilding

There seems to be a powerful misconception amongst bodybuilders generally that the only way to develop size in the shoulders is to go heavy and hard. The experts however still do not agree with this type of training when the objective is both size and definition or separation of the anterior, medial and posterior deltoid.

According to the experts the answer is pre-exhaustion which means training with a relatively light weight for reps before going heavy. The workout listed below should be done on a 3 day split routine where you do arms and shoulders on the same day, which starts the pre-exhaustion before you even, get to shoulders.

Doing heavy movements like military press and upright rowing with maximum weight for only 6 reps without a proper warm-up will only cause injury and damage your rotator cuff. It was shown in a recent study that 80% of bodybuilders eventually suffer from rotator cuff problems.

The shoulder routine listed below should be done with only 90 seconds rest between sets and to push the intensity to the maximum BEFORE going heavy.

One-Arm Side Laterals 3 sets X 15,12,10 reps
Seated and bent-over D/B raise for rear delt 4 sets X 15,12,10,8 reps
Side Lateral Raise 4 sets X 15,12,10,8 reps
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4 X 12,10,8,6 reps
Standing Military press or 4 X 12,10,8,6 reps

Although your shoulders should be completed smashed by the time you get to the last set of heavy standing behind the neck press you can add another heavy movement if you still feel that you have something left in your deltoids. One could do a heavy movement with a barbell like upright rowing.

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Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout

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