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Cutting Diet Plan for Bodybuilders

The typical bodybuilding diet for cutting has changed a lot in the last 50 years. It has changed because of new research that has emerged over the years showing that specific manipulations can be changed to allow a bodybuilder to lose fat while not losing muscle.

It all has to do with the creation of your own specific cutting diet that you have designed which is specifically designed to suite your own somatotype. This together with some important factors when selecting muscle sparing carbohydrates that should be eaten.

The basis of all the most effective research that has emerged in the last ten years clearly demonstrates the need to set up a cutting diet for your own specific somatotype. Here is the caloric baseline that should be aimed for when creating your cutting diet.

If you are a Mesomorph then you should eat approximately your bodyweight x 15 for your total daily calorie intake. Ectomorphs would aim for bodyweight x 16-17 and Endomorphs to eat bodyweight x 13-14. Let us create an example to demonstrate how this is done.

If you are a Mesomorph that weighs 200 pounds your calorie requirement to maintain your lean body mass the way that it is and lose fat would be 200 X 15 which equals 3000 calories per day. However if you wanted to lose fat you need to restrict calories and to lose 1.5 lbs a week you need to reduce calories by 600 which is 3000 - 600 = 2400 calories a day.

Your mixture of protein, carbs and fat when on this calorie restriction is vitally important to get results fast. Protein is a thermogenic macronutrient, which can avoid muscle loss when cutting up. The addition of protein from the normal 1 g/lb of bodyweight needs to be increased depending on your somatotype.

Mesomorphs should increase protein to 1.2g/lb - 1.3g/lb and Ectomorphs to increase to 1.4g/lb - 1.6g/lb and lastly Endomorphs to increase protein intake when cutting to 1.4g/lb - 1.5g/lb. Using the mesomorph example above would increase the calories given in the form of protein to between 240-260 grams of protein per day.

For example shown that 250 grams of protein would be about 1000 calories a day which leaves us with 1400 calories remaining for carbs and fats that should be added according to your somatotype. Mesomorphs should take in 17% - 23% of their total fat calories and Ectomorphs 24%-28% while all Endomorphs would take in about 23%-28% of fat counted in total calories.

Using our example of the Mesomorph trying to lose fat on a calorie restriction of 2400 calories would mean 400 to 500 calories a day for fat consumption or 55 grams of fat a day. The remainder of any calories left would be allocated for complex carbs. In our mesomorph example this means a total of only 905 calories or 225 grams of carbohydrate a day.

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