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Amino Acids are the Best Protein for Bodybuilding

If we are trying to build muscle we already know that it requires the above average ingestion of protein on a regular basis to help the building of muscle. But that fact alone does not tell us where we can the best and the most digestible and efficient protein.

In order to do that we need to look at what a protein is made of and without a doubt the 9 essential amino acids are the foundation of what protein is made of. The other branch chain amino acids found in any good protein source are also vitally important for efficient protein synthesis to happen.

Eggs, fish, turkey and chicken are the primary sources of protein in the average bodybuilding diet. But there are plenty of other good sources of protein like nuts and cottage cheese. But all of that excludes the innovative protein shakes are made from either casein or whey that we can get at any health store.

If we are talking about the most efficient way to get quickly digestible protein into our bodies then the answer has to be amino acids. Taken in powder, tablet and capsule form it is even available in a liquid form but does not taste so good to drink.

The point is if you need to increase the amount of protein that you are taking in on a daily basis then popping a few amino acids before each meal will make the world of difference. If we look a little farther at amino acids and which are the best then we need to focus on the branch chain amino acids (BCAA).

There have been numerous studies done on the efficacy of BCAA when used as a supplement. Recently a study done at Charleston College in South Carolina that only used bodybuilders and separated them into two distinct groups. One group would drink protein in a shake form with 28 grams of whey protein while they were working out.

The other group would take in 14 grams of BCAA's also while they were training. All the 36 bodybuilders that took part in the study trained exactly the same routine and ate exactly the same food which was prepared for them. After 8 weeks the results came back showing a major difference in fat loss and muscle gain.

The group that was taking the BCAA's burnt a lot more fat and added more muscle, which was also measured in strength gains, than the group taking the whey powder. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of taking amino acids or BCAA's on a regular basis.

For the best amino acids supplement for bodybuilding checkout Nitrobol.

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What is the Best Protein for Bodybuilding

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