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Androgel vs Testosterone Boosters

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Which is better testosterone supplements or testosterone replacement?

People who are into pharmacology and phramokinetcs will have interesting arguments about the difference between Androgel and a normal anabolic steroid. However when it comes to comparing the variations of steroids to a natural testosterone booster they could not be farther removed and are not on the same page as steroids.

Testosterone booster supplements are just a combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to manufacture testosterone. It is constructed from completely natural ingredients and cannot be compared to testosterones like Andogel unless one is comparing the results one might get from taking them.

The publisher of this text does not endorse the use of steroids and will therefore not go into the specific details of the results that one might get. The use of any specific dose of Androgel which is only prescribed by physicians for patients with a low testosterone count, is the only way that this could be strictly monitored.

The reason why a natural herbal supplement is better than taking a steroid is because when taking any steroids your body immediately starts producing less of its own testosterone. The side effects are obvious when you stop taking steroids and your own testosterone production seems to have forgotten how to manufacture the juice at the rate it used to.

Not only are testosterone boosters completely natural but there are few if any side effects. If you have always had a normal rate of testosterone production throughout your life you will know it. The bad news is that after the age of 30 you are producing less testosterone every year than you did the year before.

The symptoms are wide and can range from not being able to lift a heavy weight for as many reps to a general loss of energy or a diminished libido. It is part of the ageing process but it could also be the lack of any fine tuning on your nutrition. This is where the natural testosterone boosters have shown to make a difference in certain people.

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