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Aerobics Benefits
for Bodybuilding

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Aerobics For Fat Loss

Aerobics for fat loss should be performed at low intensity over longer periods. When considering aerobics for fat loss, remember that the body burns the same number of calories walking 1 mile as it burns running 1 mile. And, interestingly enough, since the faster pace burns more sugar, choosing to walk the distance will result in the greatest number of expended fat calories for the average apparently healthy individual.

Aerobics & Metabolism...

There are misconceptions concerning the performance of aerobics and increased metabolism. Anywhere from 65% to 90% of the total calories expended during the performance of aerobic activity come from fat (these percentages vary depending upon the intensity of the activity and the individual's level of aerobic conditioning). This makes aerobic conditioning the most effective form of exercise for fat calorie expenditure. However, due to the relatively short-lived effect aerobic activity has on the metabolism, the performance of aerobic activity does not result in continued fat mobilization for extended periods during rest between aerobic sessions. Therefor, even the regular performance of aerobic activity does not directly accelerate the rate that foods are broken down, (i. e. increased metabolism.)

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Aerobics Benefits for Bodybuilding

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