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The last fifty years has made a big difference to the way that bodybuilders add lean muscle. There are many top bodybuilders but especially natural bodybuilders who have an ability to stay within 2% or 3% of their own competitive weight.

This is not easy and just like getting anything in life that is worthwhile it takes sacrifice. Science has now proved to us that the theory of progressive resistance is true and the stronger we get the more lean muscle we will put on.

This means that besides the hour a day that you spend beating yourself up at the gym you need the other half of the sacrifice to get the results that you seek, which is your nutrition, your diet or you're eating plan. The only way that you are going to get a good quality balance of all the complex carbs, protein and fats that you need is by planning.

Without going into the specifics of what type of training you should do in order to gain lean muscle tissue we will instead give a few of the basic dietary requirements that are needed if you want to gain lean muscle mass effectively and permanently.

We know that in order to gain lean muscle we need to consume more calories, but this can be done in a disciplined manner so that you never have to "bulk up" in order to gain muscle again. It is all about timing because the extra calories that are required are only required at very specific times of the day.

The first tip is that if you want to gain only quality muscle without adding any fat is to increase the size of your breakfast and decrease the size of your dinner. You can also increase the size of your post-workout meal during the 90 minute window where your body seeks extra nutrients.

The reason why these two are the best times to increase calories is because you have breakfast when your muscles are nutritionally depleted from a full 8 hours night's sleep. The post-workout meal works because you are feeding the stressed muscles that are desperately looking for replenishment which will help to jump-start the complex recovery process.

If you select these two times to increase your calorie intake your body will be able to make maximum use by facilitating optimal growth conditions which will store less body-fat. Giving your body the nutrients when it needs them will result in less fat gain and more lean muscle gain.

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Adding Lean Muscle Mass

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